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How it Works

Our database gives subscribers cross-reference access to information on millions of HVAC/R parts, specifications, and suppliers – all in an easy to use, regularly updated  format.


Find Compressor Replacements


Shown above are 2 of 50 records in the results of your search for a copeland CR38K6-PFV compressor. You will find aftermarket as well as OEM replacements. The first record displays the specifications for CR38K6-PFV.

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HVAC Unit by Model Number


The HVAC database provides information for well over 160,000 equipment model numbers including carrier, Trane, Lennox, Nordyne, Rheem, etc. This screen is a partial listing of functional components for the Carrier model 38YCC024310.

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Find Capacitor Replacements


There are a total of 481 individual records for the 5-370 capacitors in the database. OEM as well as aftermarket part numbers are included. This screen shows the exact replacement record for a 5-370 oval capacitor.

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Find Fan Blades with Specs


Shown above is the record with the exact replacements as well as specifications for the original 60-5589-01 fan blade.

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The Power of Wild Card Searches


Wild card queries can be used anywhere within the XREF databases. The above query screen shows a wild card search for the incomplete number 5KCP39PG1.


The screen above shows 4 of 27 records found in the search for 5KCP39PG1*.

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Find Contactor Replacements


This screen shows 3 of 14 records for C25DND325B. The first record shows the specifications, the second shows exact replacements for the original contactor, the last records reflect some of the cross-referencing information.

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Exact Motor Cross Reference with Specs


There are 62 occurrences of X000 within the database.  Shown above is the record of exact replacements as well as the specifications for X000.