The Successful Distributors' HVAC/R Information Source


#1- Can XREF be installed on a server and accessed from remote locations?

Answer: No. There is currently no network server option. XREF Encyclopedia is designed to be installed on one machine per license. You will need to obtain a license for each additional machine you would like to use it on.

#2 – Dongle Error – When I try to launch the program I see the following error message:

Dongle error. We have discontinued the dongle version and switched to a cloud-based version, if you are receiving any dongle related messages please uninstall the software and call tech support at 360-385-4279 to get the new version.

#3 – There is a problem with your account.

Problem If you receive this message it’s most likely that your license has not been renewed before the expiration date.

Solution: Contact XREF Publishing Company at 360-385-4279

#4 – Re-installing XREF – I have a problem with my computer that requires re-installation of the XREF software. 

Answer: We will need to deactivate your current installation and reissue a new code. Contact XREF Publishing Company at 360-385-4279

#5 – Not Able To Print – After choosing a query in the HVAC section, the correct list appears on the screen but I cannot print it. Do you have a solution to print my query?

Answer: At the present time, the XREF program is not allow for printing.