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Tip For Searching For Rheem Models In The HVAC Database

By on Aug 1, 2013 in News |

Tip for searching for Rheem Models:

All Rheem/Ruud/Weather King models in the HVAC database have been entered using the Rheem numbering style.  If searching for the Ruud UKKA-A060CK10E, change the first letter to R, entering the number as such: RKKA-A060CK10E (Rheem style) in the search box.  These are the same unit.  The only difference is the label on the unit.  Similarly, if looking for a Weather King WGDG-07EAUER, enter the number RGDG-07EAUER to find the model you are looking for.  Ruud models begin with the letter U, Weather King models begin with the letter W, and Rheem models begin with the letter R.  However, they are all the same, so we enter them all in the Rheem style.